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Enterprise Blockchain Enabler

We are creating an integrated logistics platform
that can reliably share data between individual companies
using blockchain and digital signature QR code technology with strong security.

Scanus product scan and authentication solution


'Digital Signature Inserting QR Code' technology developed by Block Odyssey Team keeps track of the logistics process, and that information is stored on a blockchain platform to prevent forgery

This provides a authentication solution for identifying and managing reliable logistics information.

Logistics innovation to come,
Join Block Odyssey.

Until now, the logistics/distribution information of a product has been stored and managed
by various stakeholders.These data were hard to share reliably.
consumers who purchase a product cannot check what production process and distribution the product has undergone.

Block Odyssey leverages robust, secure blockchain technology and low-cost, secure 'Digital Signature QR Code' technology to create an integrated logistics platform that improves security and reliably shares logistics data between individual companies.

We will help you easily check the authenticity of the product and production/distribution information, and make it safe to purchase it anytime, anywhere. A transparent future without worrying about Counterfeit products,

Block Odyssey CEO, Changhak Yeon


By incorporating the logistics/distribution process into the blockchain,
the Scanus activation solution can

- Consumers can easily check the distribution channels and check the authenticity of the products
- Enables cross-enterprise data sharing

As each step is added to the product distribution process, value and security increase.

floor floor

Authentication solution

Authentication service using blockchain and unique QR code technology

High transparency and reliability of the block chain combined with its patented technology ensures dual Safety

low unit price
Ease of mass-production
Ease of authentication
Distribution management Solution
Providing services that can track and analyze data step-by-step during the distribution process from product production to customer purchase confirmation
Gain blockchain-based data
reliability and transparency
Big Data-Based Value Added
SCM Optimization Functions
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img_sol_bg_02 img_sol_bg_02
Point management solution

Use the Private Blockchain algorithm to manage customer activities in real time.

Transparently manage transactions faster and more efficiently than central servers and scale to token economy models

Get points based on activity
Purchase Product
CRM Extensible
Support customer point switching
blockchain consulting
One-stop delivery of all new business-related consulting to development support
Business consulting with leading partners
Proven Developers with Blockchain Solution Development

solution features

Secure digital signature & encrypted QR code
The available areas of QR code are limited by 0.003MB
Completed development of digital signature & encryption technology that inserts information that can verify Genuine data under these constraints.
Fast, Reliable Private Blockchain
Enables 1000 transactions per second(theoretically 10,000TPS)
not dependent on cryptocurrency, flexible governance response
Most flexible blockchain platform
Adopting PoET consensus algorithms for rapid transaction processing and fluid node changes (Intel takes a lead)
Developing State-Transition Rule to Respond to Various Condition Changes





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we offer the right solution for your brand.
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