Blockchain Managed Service Provider

BlockchainManaged Service Provider

블록체인 기반 사업을 추진하는 기업, 기관을 대상으로 컨설팅, 맞춤형 인프라 구축, 솔루션 개발, 위탁 운영 및 유지보수까지 End to End 서비스를 제공합니다.


Next Financial Infrastructure Products

You can build an infrastructure that pursues profits by investing in various tokens or executing trading while safely storing digital assets

Odyssey Wallet

Odyssey Wallet

Wallet as a Service for institutional institutions and corporations

Odyssey AssetSquare

Odyssey AssetSquare

Multi-asset STO platform tokenizing various assets

Odyssey Trading

Odyssey Trading

Algorithm-based institutional trading platform

Easy Generation of Economic Benefits

If institutions and corporations build blockchain based next financial infrastructures, they can create more economic benefits easily and safely than in the past.


High degrees of freedom and more investment opportunities

You will receive part of your salary in travel agency tokens, which can be freely used for airline tickets, hotels, and restaurants. If your trip is cancelled, you can swap it with e-money tokens issued by the bank. Not only stocks and funds, but also by investing in tokenized new projects of companies I like, you can earn profits and receive differentiated services.


Token-based asset management business

You can tokenize all your assets such as securities, real estate, memberships, and artworks, etc., to entrust professional asset management and operation. Also, if you want your assets to be used in valuable, you can sign a smart contract that grants access rights only to specific foundations and associations.


Raise funds globally and generate profits

Companies tokenize internal resources or new projects and secure new funding sources by selling them to investors worldwide. Digital assets acquired through business operations are entrusted to professional asset managers to generate profits. These managers provide profits to corporate clients through trading, staking, loans, etc.

Why Block Odyssey


Building blockchain infrastructure for large financial institutions

We have successfully carried out multi-chain based blockchain technology projects targeting large financial institutions such as banks, securities firms, and credit card companies. We have proven our overwhelming technical skills and know-how in the next finance field, such as building a CBDC system and issuing various tokens with economic value.

Business Insights


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